How to Use Mobile Spy Monitoring Software to Review Text and Photo Messages

Are you concerned about someone you know sending or receiving messages on their mobile device? Maybe you are not comfortable with the idea of asking to review their device.  Or, maybe you have suspicions you need clarified.  You can use mobile spy monitoring to help you review test and photo messages occurring on the mobile device of interest.  Even though there are different software options to use they provide a similar process to help you review this information. Here are basic steps to help you understand how this software reviews text and photo messages.

  • Find compatible monitoring software for the cellphone mobile spy monitoringyou want information from.  This step is important because if the software is not made for that device you will have problems later trying to get information you want. Review options for your mobile device.  For instance, if the cellphone is an iPhone, look for mobile spy software options for that device.  Your computer of other mobile device you access control of the target device should have compatible operating software.
  • Review features it offers for texting, chat, and multimedia files.  Some software options may have limited options but it should have something along these lines. Get an idea of how it allows you to view activity.  As you learn more about the product you should have an idea of how often you can check cellphone activity and whether you can record or download this information.
  • Get software downloaded onto your computer or mobile device you will use to monitor the target cellphone.  This process should be simple and you should be able to contact customer support for additional assistance if you need it.  This process includes downloading the web portal you will use to access information about the phone you are monitoring.  This will have all features your software provides for monitoring.
  • Once you get the software downloaded connect it to your target phone.  You may need information about the target cellphone such as phone number and its identification number.  Such details allow you to access and follow the phone from any location.
  • Access the section of the portal for text messaging. Review options it provides in monitoring this action. You may have options to review incoming and outgoing communications.  You may also learn about photos, video and chat messages connected to the phone. From here you should have an idea of what action you want to take.
  • Set up a schedule or alerts for messages that occur on the mobile device.  There are mobile spy software options that will send you a report by email with information recorded by the software.  This option may vary depending on your service, but you may be able to break down reports sent to you based on forms of communicated the software records.
  • Determine when you want to learn about activity.  You can choose to check the software from a remote location anytime convenient for you.